The DomainTools Report Spring 2017

In the DomainTools Reports, we explore various “hotspots” of malicious or abusive activity across the Internet. Starting with our first report in the spring of 2015, we have analyzed such varied… DomainTools Blog

Beginners Guide to Threat Intelligence

Threat Intelligence is a hard field to break into. It requires a deep understanding of a number of different areas like information security, network security, application security, and web security…. DomainTools Blog

And the Winner is…

DomainTools! GeekWire Bootstrapper of the Year Last night was the annual GeekWire Awards, the Seattle tech industry’s version of the Oscars. We were fortunate enough to take home the Bootstrapper… DomainTools Blog

DomainTools 101: How Dead is Dead?

Sometimes while doing an investigation in Iris, it seems as if I’m fighting a multi-headed beast. In a recent example, I was curious to know if the good guys really killed… DomainTools Blog